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    This is the website for former staff of KCPR radio at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Welcome! We're building a site with lists of alumni, photos, and more. Because this is a wiki, you can edit most pages -- and make new ones too -- to add your own photos, stories, audio.... Please read AboutKcprAlumniWebsite to find out more. (If you have questions, ask JerryPeek.) 
  • 2010 Reunion Info
  • The Alumni:

  • Audio - KCPR programs, production, airchecks, ...
  • History - The history of KCPR radio, written by staff members (and the Mustang Daily)
  • Photo Gallery - Photos sorted by year and by category. You have to register before posting or commenting. You'll get a confirmation email.
  • Photo Gallery: Adding Photos - How to upload and organize photos. (Tip: open this page in a separate window so you can read it as you work. Right-click or control-click on that link, then choose "Open in new window" from the pop-up menu.)
  • Links to other sites - Pages on other websites that you might be interested in
  • KCPR Archives at Cal Poly Library

  • Yahoo Groups (email discussion, private photos and files, ...). If you aren't a member, click the "Join this group!" button on their home pages for access:

    • fun91 (mostly for KCPR alumni from 1968-1981)
    • kcpr-grads (most members are more recent alumni).
    • kcprwiki - to discuss this wiki: what's here, how to improve it.

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