1971 KCPR Brochure

Len Filomeo scanned Ed O'Brien's copy of this brochure from June, 1971. (Thanks, Len and Ed!) Len wrote:

Things like this were produced as one-off projects for students in the Graphic Arts department. They occasionally produced some pretty cool stuff, but always in very limited quantities. So we are very lucky that Ed preserved his for us to see and enjoy.

The front cover features Frank Calabrese. As the pictures were taken in Spring Quarter 1971, I found the same headphones Frank is wearing were still in the studio when I arrived there in the fall of 1971. We actually made an effort to keep those things working, scotch tape and all. As we were a mono station back then, we didn't need to hear in both ears to hear everything, so a lot of us got used to wearing the headphones with one ear on and the other off so we could more easily carry on conversations in the studio or over the phone.

So check out the brochure. Some of the greats from the early days of KCPR are in there. These are the people whose names appear on those plaques that line the hallway of the Graphic Arts buildings from the early 70s.

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