KCPR Alumni: Join Us!

If you were on the staff of KCPR, you're one of the alumni. Join us! It's free.

To join, first look at the lists of alumni by year. Then email Jerry Peek as much of the following info you'd like to list on this website. All of this is optional except your name and the years you were at KCPR:

  1. Your name (first name and last name) as people knew you when you were at KCPR. (required)
  2. Air name(s) (example: Bicycle Bob) if you used a different name on the air.
  3. Which academic years (example: 1981-84) you were at KCPR. (required)
  4. Positions you had (example: DJ, News Director)
  5. Programs you hosted (example: Sunday by Request)
  6. Where you live now (city and state)
  7. Your email address. We can make it a clickable link -- though this makes it easy for spammers to "harvest" your address too! Other ideas:
  8. Web link: Your home page, or a special "radio" page on your own site. If you don't have a personal site, you can get one for free from a company like Yahoo GeoCities or many others. There you can post your own photos... favorite songs... favorite (or most challenging) segues, or news stories... stories of our glory days... most embarrassing moments (others', not your own :).
  9. A photo of you at the time you attended Cal Poly -- to help people recognize you. Attach it to your email message. Two notes about the photo:
  10. Something else? We'll fit it into the table format if we can.

Send as much of that stuff as you'd like us to list in an email message to Jerry Peek.

To put even more information online about your time at KCPR, you can create a personal page on the wiki. Then we can make a "KCPR page" link from your alumni listing to the personal page on the wiki... just tell us the wiki page name, like JerryPeek.