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Brad Brown, 1968-1972
Brad Brown, 1968-1972
Brad Brown (Brad Brown)
co-Program Director -1968/9. Produced Sunday Parade; B&B Airways; Impacted News. I was there for the first words on KCPR: "Is THIS the damn switch!?!"
Living in: Orcas Island, WA.

Email: bradleywaynebrown@gmail.com
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Frank Calabrese (Frank Stuart)
DJ, Spot Producer, did several voices for air and tape. Programs hosted: Chef's Hour, Captain Wonderful, worked on Sunday Parade.
Living in: Los Osos, CA.
I work as an electrician at Cal Poly, on Fire protection systems.
Email: fcalabre@calpoly.edu
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Greg Golden
Engineer, Announcer, and PR Writer.
There were few enough of us that everybody pretty much got his hands in everything.
Living in: Van Nuys, CA.
After a few temporary jobs in radio in the early 1970's, I found myself at SBC Communications in 1976 (then "Pacific Telephone") and spent over 25 years there. Now I manage the sales office of a small manufacturing company in West Los Angeles.
KCPR page: GregGolden
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Todd Johnstone
DJ, Engineer. Don't think we were that formal for most of the first few years; I probably had some other positions which rotated. Usually Friday and Saturday night DJ shows; I think it was something brilliant like "date night".
Living in: Federal Way, WA.
I've been at Boeing for 35 years, started as an engineer at VAFB with the Minuteman Program, then made People Movers for Morgantown W.Va. University traveled to Japan for Work and 16 other countries for pleasure, and have been in engineering management for 24 years. Now (last 10 years or so) I manage a nationwide Network for Labs (100-200Mb/s Real Time) and simulation activities (including flight simulation) on the Defense side of Boeing in Puget Sound. Note to new KCPR students: as a result of my years in broadcasting my presentation skills were "too good" and I had to keep re-routing myself back into the technical management and away from the upper MBS which is high in $$ low in reward. Would love to hear from those of that time. Weird Harold (not Al though my son loves Al he's a decade later), Pat, Allen, Frank, Gary, J dC, Steve, Ginny, and others. I can remember sitting in the studio when we heard the Beatles broke up.... now THAT's OLD! The first time I flew an Airplane was over the Monterey Pop Music Festival. Mr. Z became the advisor the second year I was there when the school decided we were not going to go away.
Web: www.alpinelakes.net
Email: toddj68 at spro dot net, toddj68 at gmail dot com

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