KCPR Radio Alumni: 1976-77

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Matthew Arnett, 1976-78 Matthew Arnett (Matt Arnett, Matthew Midnight)
DJ, Sunday by Suggestion (Sunday by Request)
Web: www.MatthewInTheMorning.com
Email: mattinthemorn@verizon.net
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Jay Birks, 1976-80 Jay Birks (The Sheriff)
DJ, Sports Director 3 years, An Hour With...
Living in: Sonoma County, CA
Email: recoveredin88 at sbcglobal dot net
Les Burns, 1976-78 Les Burns
DJ, Sunday by Request, Sunday in the Country
Living in: Thornton, CO (Denver metro)
Email: lburnskcpr at comcast dot net
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Paula Chambers (J. Lee)
DJ, Co-News Director 1979, Sunday by Request, Pacific Concert
Paula Thoren
Living in: Saratoga, CA
Email: Paula_thoren@skillsoft.com
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Rick DeBruhl, 1973-77 Rick DeBruhl (Roscoe Boulevard)
DJ, General Manager and a bunch of other stuff, Sunday by Request, various morning shifts.
Living in: Phoenix, AZ
Email: dbroo at yahoo dot com
Jon Dutra
DJ Fridays 9-Midnight from 1975-77. It was a blast !!
Email: jad69@yahoo.com
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Joe Heringes, 1974-77 Joe Heringes
Reporter, sports director, sports play-by-play, co-news director, DJ. Co-director of 24-hour News radio. Hosted Mustang Sports Report.
Living in: Arroyo Grande, CA
Email: jfh753@thegrid.net
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Randy Kerdoon (The Captain, Sir Reginald)
DJ, Sports Director 1976-77, General Manager 1977-78
Web: www.knx1070.com/pages/3281.php
Email: kfiles11@hotmail.com

Cheryl Klein
News; host of 91 Entertainment, the weekend listing of all the stuff happening around town.
Cheryl Stauffer
Living in: Solvang, CA
Email: cheryl.stauffer@gmail.com
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Don Ready, 1975-77 and 1979-84
Don Ready

Mark Rief, 1974-78
Mark Rief (Red Waves)
DJ off and on, General Manager 1976-77, Sunday by Request, also did Little Orphan Amy, stereo fundraising, created KCPR Boosters Club, GM when allegedly somebody took the station off the air to get the J dept to fund a new remote.
Living in: San Dimas, CA
Email: markrief at alumni dot calpoly dot edu
Kevin Riggs
Newscaster, DJ
Hosted, along with Kevin Falls, a satire segment called Studio 229..named, of course, for the men's room across the hall.
Living in: Sacramento, CA
Email: kriggsnbc@comcast dot net
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Carla Sanders, 1976-78
Carla Sanders
Newscaster; Assistant Sports Director in 1976-1977, working a lot with The Captain (Randy Kerdoon); station underwriter for 1977-1978.
Living in: Upland, CA
Email: harrisonsanders@aol.com

Chuck Schwynoch (Charlie McCarthy)
DJ; DJ Trainer spring 1977; Program Director summer 1977; Production Director 1977-78; General Manager 1978-79; Little Orphan Amy versions 1 & 2; sometime babysitter for the Metropolitan Opera.
Living in: San Luis Obispo, CA
Web: www.maximummotorsports.com
Email: chuck at maximummotorsports dot com
Russ Sharer, 1976-80
Russ Sharer (Jim Russell / Russ James)
DJ, Program Director (78-79), General Manager (79-80), Yahweh Music
Living in: Santa Barbara, CA
Email: rsharer@alumni.calpoly.edu
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Jan A. Tarsala (Jan)
Transmitter Engineer 1975-1976, Chief Engineer 1976-1977. First Chief Engineer to receive an Official Notice from the FCC regarding the operation of the station.
Living in: Arcadia, CA
Email: jan.a.tarsala@jpl.nasa.gov

Frank Thomas (Mr. Schroeder, Mark Solo, Donald Roger Thomas, T.G. Thomas) (and Chipper The Namedropping Squirrel in PSA and promo spots)
DJ; Dave Sturm your R.A. in Little Orphan Amy II.
Email: FrankThomas at earthlink period net
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Keith Wien

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Jim Zimmerlin, 1975-78
Jim Zimmerlin (Jim Allen)
DJ, Music Director 1976-77, Program Director 1977-78
Web: www.jimzim.net/KCPR.html

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