KCPR Radio Alumni: 1979-80

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Jay Birks, 1976-80 Jay Birks (The Sheriff)
DJ, Sports Director 3 years, An Hour With...
Living in: Sonoma County, CA
Email: recoveredin88 at sbcglobal dot net

Bruce (Keith) Byrd
DJ, Traffic Director, Production Director, Summer Program Director, An Hour With
Living in: Arroyo Grande, CA
Web: www.SloCountyHomes.com
Email: byrd@SloCountyHomes.com
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Grant Easton, 1978-81
Grant Easton (Clynt Connors)
DJ; Asst. Music Director; Business Manager; Sunday night DJ
Living in: Sacramento, CA
Email: granteaston (at) att.net
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Bruce Fisher, 1979-81 Bruce Fisher
DJ, Engineer
Living in: Woodland Hills, CA
Email: djbaf57@yahoo.com
John Furtado, 1978-81 John Furtado (Rick Shannon and the SLO town Sound)
DJ, Sports News, Sunday by Request
Email: furtadojr@aol.com
KCPR page: JohnFurtado
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Brian Hackney, 1978-82
Brian Hackney
DJ, Soundtrack

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Jerry Peek, 1977-81
Jerry Peek
DJ, Pacific Concert, Oldies Show
Living in: Tucson, AZ
Web: www.jpeek.com
Email: click here
KCPR page: JerryPeek

Kelly Pierce
News, Sports, DJ (Sunday classical and late nights), Soundtrack. Constance Pain in Little Orphan Amy.

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Don Ready, 1975-77 and 1979-84 Don Ready

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Russ Sharer, 1976-80
Russ Sharer (Jim Russell / Russ James)
DJ, Program Director (78-79), General Manager (79-80), Yahweh Music
Living in: Santa Barbara, CA
Email: rsharer@alumni.calpoly.edu
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Frank Thomas (Mr. Schroeder, Mark Solo, Donald Roger Thomas, T.G. Thomas) (and Chipper The Namedropping Squirrel in PSA and promo spots)
DJ; Dave Sturm your R.A. in Little Orphan Amy II.
Email: FrankThomas at earthlink period net

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