KCPR Radio Alumni: 1985-86

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Spencer Abbott (Spence Dookey or just Dookey)
DJ, Rap Music Director, The White Zone (Classic Rock), Beyond Da Bluez (Rap), some tape show I can't recall.
Living in: San Francisco, CA
Web: music.ign.com
Email: spence@ign.com or dookey@earthlink.net
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Bruce Gordon (Commissioner Gordon)
DJ, Production Director 1984-1985. Hosted Sunday by Request two quarters.
Living in: Sacramento, CA
Email: brgo55@yahoo.com
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Scott Larsen
DJ, Music Director 1985-86, Program Director 1986-87
Living in: Powell, Wyoming
Email: scott@eastmans.com

Rick Lopes
DJ 1984-86, Public Affairs Director 1985-86. DJ -- Fridays 6-9am (One of the lucky ones who didn't have to start out with a shift between midnight and 6am!) Filled in on just about every other shift. Never said no when someone asked for me to fill in. Now working for the state as Chief of Public Affairs for the Contractors State License Board.
Living in: Roseville, California
Email: lopesclan@gmail.com
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Mike Pugh (Big Daddy)
Never did a "programmed" show; just played what I liked.
Living in: Santa Barbara, CA
Email: Mike.pugh@j2global.com
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John Thawley, 1984-87
John Thawley
DJ (mornings 6-9 AM), Auction Coordinator, General Manager (85-86)
Living in: Santa Ana, CA
Email: john-at-thawleyphoto-dot-com
Web: www.thawleyphoto.com, roadracegeek.blogspot.com
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Jason Weil, 1984-87
Jason Weil (The Paisley Warrior)
DJ 1984-1986, Special Programs Director 1986, The 120 Minute Technicolor Dream (1984-1986), Live in Studio B (1985-1986), Smorgasbord of Sound (1986).
Living in: Asheville, NC
MySpace: jasonweil37
Email: 25top@retro-fit-design.com

Scott Woodworth (Woody)
Most vivid memories are training with Terry Kaldusdal, my first shift from 12 am - 3 am on Sunday mornings when I could play the music really loud, doing a show with Mike "Big Daddy" Pugh and Bruce Flohr handing me a 45 of the Rave-Ups Positively Lost Me to play for the first time on KCPR.
Living in: Valencia, CA
Email: swoodworth@actlit.com

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