KCPR Radio Alumni: 1986-87

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Spencer Abbott (Spence Dookey or just Dookey)
DJ, Rap Music Director, The White Zone (Classic Rock), Beyond Da Bluez (Rap), some tape show I can't recall.
Living in: San Francisco, CA
Web: music.ign.com
Email: spence@ign.com or dookey@earthlink.net
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Bruce Gordon (Commissioner Gordon)
DJ, Production Director 1984-1985. Hosted Sunday by Request two quarters.
Living in: Sacramento, CA
Email: brgo55@yahoo.com
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Pat Hayes (Hectic Hayes, Angel Puss, Gastronomic Destruction)
Boosters Director, Co-Hosted Sunday by Request w/Jay Steelman
Living in: Oakland, CA
Web: http://people.tribe.net/97abdf82-f8d7-4cbb-809d-44e82299916a
Email: Paddy AT Pacific DOT net
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Eric Kayser
DJ, Music Director, co-Music Director, Album 91 editor. The Import Hour, Exotic Vinyl, New Releases, Live In Studio B, Straight No Chaser, Seven Inches Of Love, Music That You Can Die To, The Electric Paisley Underground Experience, maybe one or two others...
Living in: Ventura, CA
Web: www.highfidelitymedia.com
Email: eric@highfidelitymedia.com
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Scott Larsen
DJ, Music Director 1985-86, Program Director 1986-87
Living in: Powell, Wyoming
Email: scott@eastmans.com
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Dave Sparks (Hector Friction, Sparky)
DJ, co-Music Director w/ Scott Carter (1988-89), concert promoter.
Morning Show with Colin & Sparky, Morning Show with Shauna O'Brien
Living in: Monrovia, CA
Web: www.sellmydvds.com, www.interactcd.com
Email: dave@interactcd.com
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John Thawley, 1984-87
John Thawley
DJ (mornings 6-9 AM), Auction Coordinator, General Manager (85-86)
Living in: Santa Ana, CA
Email: john-at-thawleyphoto-dot-com
Web: www.thawleyphoto.com, roadracegeek.blogspot.com

Jeanette Trompeter
Working at: KSBY-TV, San Luis Obispo
Blog: www.jeanettetrompeter.com

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