KCPR Radio Alumni: 1992-93

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Liz Aloe (Liz)
DJ, Air Staff Instructor, News Reporter
Living in: Minneapolis, MN
Email: e_aloe@yahoo.com
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Kevin Odle
DJ, Program Director, Seven inches of Love, Country Kevin and the Chicken Chokers.
DJ'd with Clem the bartender and friends (the Chicken Chokers), played country music and drank Tequila - killer days. On the flipside played only 7"ers for a couple of hours.
Living in: San Francisco, CA
Email: kevinodle@yahoo.com
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Erin Saul
DJ, Editor of the "quarterly" magazine, sometime co-host of The Metal Ward with Greg Wiggins & the Friday Follies with Sal España (in '93 & prob'ly '94)
Living in: Oakland, CA
Email: erinsaul at gmail dot com
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DJ Taylor, 1991-94
DJ Taylor (The Chameleon)
Album 91 Director/Editor, McCarthy's bar fly, The Sub/Cheap Thrills employee, Got You Covered and a few other shows I don't currently remember.
Living in: San Diego, CA
Email: djtayl@cox.net

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