KCPR Radio Alumni: 1995-96

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Greg Robinson
DJ with a regular format show. I was a roadie for Autopilot, attended every single Rodriguez show, spent a lot of time at McCarthy's and worked at CCS.
Living in: Auburn, CA
Email: gregrobinson30@yahoo.com
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Eric Schwartz ("The Sarge" on Hot Pants Disco Love)
DJ, News Director, Hot Pants Disco Love
Living in: Sherman Oaks, CA
Web: www.suburbanhomeboy.com
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Stephen Tootle
My show was with Greg Robinson -- maybe on Friday afternoons? I was also in the band Autopilot with Melissa Scales and Rob Smith.
Living in: Decatur, GA
Email: stephen.tootle@gmail.com
Web: www.myspace.com/cosignermusic

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