KCPR Radio Alumni: 2002-03

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E.J. Neumeyer, 2000-2006
E.J. Neumeyer (Harvey Wallbanger)
Program Director, Studio Engineer, Publicity, Internet, Underwriting
KCPR Sessions, Shaken Not Stirred, dARK mARKET bROADCAST, Trash the Joint, It's the Space Age
Living in: Indio, CA
Web: www.myspace.com/numyr
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Justin Robinson, 2001-03
Justin Robinson
Slaytanic Carnage
While in grad school at SDSU I also DJ'd for KCR (and, yes, during my first week there I did slip up and say they were listening to KCPR).
Living in: San Diego, CA
Web: www.myspace.com/jrobinson004
Email: jrobinson004@aol.com

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