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    This is the website for former staff of KCPR radio at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Welcome! We're building a site with lists of alumni, photos, and more. Because this is a wiki, you can edit most pages -- and make new ones too -- to add your own photos, stories, audio.... Please read AboutKcprAlumniWebsite to find out more. (If you have questions, ask JerryPeek.) 
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  • 2010 Reunion Info
  • KCPR 50th Anniversary - It’s KCPR’s 50th …Let’s Celebrate!!! You were a DJ playing the music of your generation. A journalism major whose lab work was doing a 5 minute newscast. An engineer who cut your teeth fixing equipment or climbing the tower! It’s time to look back on the past 50 years and help Cal Poly prepare for the next generation of broadcasting. Mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday October 12th and 13th, 2018.
  • Video






  • History - The history of KCPR radio, written by staff members (and the Mustang Daily)
  • Documents - Document dump that is not yet very organized. Mostly pdf, some photos, some others.
  • Links to other sites - Pages on other websites that you might be interested in
  • KCPR Archives at Cal Poly Library

  • Discussion Groups (email discussion, private photos and files, ...). If you aren't a member, click the "Join this group!" button on their home pages for access:

    • fun91 (mostly for KCPR alumni from 1968-1981)
    • kcpr-grads (most members are more recent alumni).
    • kcprwiki - to discuss this wiki: what's here, how to improve it.

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