Adding Photos to the KCPR Alumni Gallery

These are basic instructions for adding photos to the Photo Gallery. Please feel free to edit or add to them.

  1. From the gallery's main page, log in. The photo gallery uses a separate login. If you are not registered, click the register link at the top right of the page. You'll be sent an email confirming the registration. Finally, registrations are manually approved since automatic registration results in thousands of spam registrations. If you don't have a username, I suggest using your first and last name, initial caps, with no space between... example: JerryPeek.
  2. Click on the album you want to add photos to (example: "Reunion, September 2007"). After you're in that album, look for any sub-album that you might want to add your photos to... if you find one, click on its photo to enter. Or, if there's no appropriate sub-album, click "Add Album" at the left edge to create a new sub-album.
  3. If adding a new sub-album, you'll get a "Add Sub-Album" page. Enter the name (brief, no spaces: see instructions!), title (like "Friday PM pool party"), and Description (as much info as you want). You can skip the Summary and Keywords. Click "Create".

#After the new sub-album is on your screen, click "Add Items" at the left edge. Here you can add individual photo files (click ""Browse..." to find them on your hard disk) and add captions for each. You can click "More Upload Boxes..." if you want to send more than two photos at once.

  • Handy tip: if you put all of your photos into a zip file, you can Browse for the zip file and upload it; that will load all of your photos into the album at once! In that case, don't use a caption on the "Add Items" page. Instead, either rename your files before you zip them and the names will appear under the photos... or browse your photos after they've uploaded and edit the captions then.

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