KCPR Radio Alumni: 1969 Audio

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  • KCPR Alumni Sound cart - Holmes
  • MUSTANG Hit One - Gurzi, Holmes-- This was one of three: "Hit One," "Hit Two," and of course "Hit Three." I did not bother to save all of them. The talent was shared by Bill Gurzi and Alan Holmes, station managers of the era. Why they both had to put their voices on the same little cart, I'm not sure... may have been about ego... / Notes by Greg Golden.
  • KCPR Top of Hour ID - Gurzi, Holmes
  • KCPR IDs Summer 1969 KCPR IDs from the Summer of 1969 - taken from a 7.5ips reel-to-reel tape provided by Lou Rinaldi. Similar to the ones posted individually below starting with the Summer IDs.

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