KCPR Radio History, 1983-1984

If you were on the KCPR staff during Cal Poly's 1983-84 academic year, please add details: just a paragraph or two about your time at KCPR will help us fill in the gaps. Details about you might fit better on your personal page. Also see the Audio and photo gallery pages for this year. (If the information you're adding isn't just for this year, consider putting it on another page and adding a reference from this page.)


(Summarize the year, major changes, etc., here. Add further detail below. Thanks!)

Executive Staff

  • Janitor: JerryPeek (note link to the person's page on this wiki)
  • General Manager: Joe Smith
  • Program Director: Jane Doe
  • Music Director: Alice Cooper
  • Engineers: A. Wizard (Chief), N. Other Person (Transmitter), ...
  • News Director: Walter Cronkite
  • Traffic Director: A. Cop
  • More lines?: etc. etc....
  • Faculty Advisor: Some One


Format, Programs, ...

The station's format .... Programs included:

Other Web Pages

  • ...

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