KCPR Radio Alumni: The Rinaldi Chronicles

These are audio files from around 1970, from Lou Rinaldi's tapes.

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Julian A McPhee College Union Opening Day Aircheck: March 6, 1971

  • College Union Aircheck Track 1- Duration 1:34'29

    • Remote Broadcast begins
      00:00:17 Julian A McPhee Biography Segment segment by Craig Hines
      00:03:13 College Union Backstory History segment, possibly by Joan DiTomasso (1971)
      00:05:44 David W. Dexter and Craig Hines at the CU with Lou Rinaldi at the studios
    • College Union Opening Ceremonies
      00:14:50 Invocation by Bruce Jayden, Chaplin of the Campus Christian Center
      00:15:00 Welcoming Speech by ASI President Paul Banke
      00:19:22 Dedication by Cal Poly President Robert E. Kennedy
      00:39:50 Ribbon cutting by Mrs. Julian McPhee - Reported by David W. Dexter
      00:40:40 Comments by Robert E. Kennedy
      00:43:12 Chinesee Dragon Dance - reported by David W. Dexter
    • Remote Broadcast Resumes
      00:49:19 David W Dexter and Lou Rinaldi on remote from the CU, Steve Stagnero at the studio
      00:52:51 College Union Commemorative Station ID by Craig Hines
      01:05:36 Gary Gardner interviews "Western Playboy" from Santa Maria
      01:07:48 Lou Rinaldi and Steve Stagnero at the CU with David W Dexter at the studio
      01:09:09 Steve Gale interview
      01:10:43 Steve Gale interviews Bonnie Nelson
      01:12:49 Steve Gale interviews Cathy Sorenson
      01:18:24 Ed O'Brien discusses the CU Lounge with Cathy Sorenson and experiences static shock
      01:20:11 Craig Hines reports from the College Union by phone, "I love Ma Bell."
      01:23:19 Gary Gardner, Station Manager, describes the College Union's Chandelier in prose.
  • College Union Aircheck Track 2- Duration 1:35'53


    Jim Dee, Lou Rinaldi, Steve Stagnero, Scott Johnston, Rick Knepp, Marsha Krinsky, Dexter&Hines, Steve Gale, Steve Reeves and Don Overton

  • College Union Aircheck Track 3- Duration 1:34'37


    Ed O'Brien, Scott Johnston, Rick Knepp, Steve Reeves, Steve Gale, David W. Dexter, Lou Rinaldi, Lou Stevens and Gary Gardner.

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