KCPR Alumni: KCPR Radio Ratings, February 1974

Len Filomeo scanned in this old report and wrote:

Back in the 70's San Luis Obispo didn't get regular ratings of the radio market, but once in a while a survey would be taken by one rating service or another. Back in February 1974, Hooper conducted the attached survey of the radio audience in San Luis Obispo. These ratings weren't always given a lot of credence, except by maybe KSLY, but they were clear about one thing: KCPR was right in there with the commercial radio stattions, frequently outrating the local stations even while it was still a 10 watt mono station.

I was particularly satisfied with the 10AM to 3PM ratings as my shift was Thursdays from Noon to 3PM. In those days, I was also working with Craig Hines and Missie Pires at KATY 1340. The afternoon DJ on KATY was Harry May, who would later go on to become Captain Buffoon on KSLY. Which meant on Thursdays I was on opposite Harry May, and our share of the audience was measurably bigger: 12.9 to 11.3!

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