KCPR Radio Alumni: 1971-72

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Brad Brown, 1968-1972
Brad Brown, 1968-1972
Brad Brown (Brad Brown)
co-Program Director -1968/9. Produced Sunday Parade; B&B Airways; Impacted News. I was there for the first words on KCPR: "Is THIS the damn switch!?!"
Living in: Orcas Island, WA.

Email: bradleywaynebrown@gmail.com
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Len Filomeo, 1971-75
Len Filomeo
Performed afternoon air shifts, worked on expanding the station's two-way radio systems and participated in the construction of the station's 2000 watt transmitter facilities. Chief Engineer 1972-73.
Current location: San Diego, CA
Web: http://profile.myspace.com/115590281
Email: lenfilomeo@cox dot net
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Woody Goulart, 1970-72 Woody Goulart (David W. Dexter)
DJ, News Director, Station Manager
Working in: Washington, DC
Email: wg@woodygoulart.com
Web: www.bossradioforever.com
KCPR page: WoodyGoulart
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Steven Ruegnitz, 1970-75 Steven Ruegnitz (Steve Reeves)
DJ (6 - 9 AM for the most part), DJ Training Coordinator, Station Manager
Living in: Martinsville, NJ
Email: sruegnit@netscape.net

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